Welcome to my blog! Nice to meet you!

for webyI am Laura, a WRITER, an ACTOR and a DOCTOR with expertise in Gynaecology and Psychology/Psychotherapy.

This is my personal blog, so you will find some diverse articles in here, all ilustrating my interests at the time. Please, do share your own opinion on my articles. I like a good conversation!

On my website you will find:

  • some of my creative work (Novels, Screenplays, etc.)
  • film/series reviews from the perspective of a screenwriter
  • articles on how I interpret feminism (as I believe it to be the force that is driving modern society)
  • stories about writer’s/actor’s/doctor’s life
  • AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, articles on how I apply my medical knowledge in my writing

I am also:

  • a script reader (send me the first 10 pages of your script for a free report)
  • available to give feedback on any writing piece involving MEDICINE and FEMINISM
  • available to write guest posts on your website if you believe me to be an asset

Thanks for the follow and I appreciate any feedback you can give me! I am always looking to improve myself!