The Statement

2017 – the year I decided to actively pursue my dreams of becoming a vlogger, after postponing them to get a ”real” job this past decade.

I am a Passionate Writer , an Aspiring Actress , a Feminist  and a Doctor.
I am married, have 2 cats, live in Germany at the time but will move wherever life takes me!


What I hope to achieve with laurasgotzthis: the same thing we do everyday, Pinky! Try to make the world a better place!

In my articles and videos I cover mostly themes mental/women’s/men’s health, gender and social equality, self love and empowerment + my journey of becoming a published writer. Here and there – a funny video, because we all need to laugh at least once a day!
I am promoting universal love and understanding as a WAY OF LIFE and hope to get as much fellow wonderful people as possible to join me in changing the world for the better.


Feel free to post comments on my blog and/or contact me:)
Hope you enjoy my writing and my videos.
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