The SPLIT – a mystery novel

”The Split” is my first copleted English novel and is a 3-part series.

The first volume ”The broken clocks” introduces Dr. Isabela Richter, a psychiatrist, and detective Jackson Silverman, a war veteran working for Scotland Yard.

The action takes place in London – UK and it’s surroundings.

Year of completion: 2017

To be sent to agents and publishers.

The SPLIT – A modern mystery novel about a detective injured in the line of duty who has to both deal with his depression during psychotherapy and solve the murders involving his strange new therapist.

On the website I have published the first lines of each chapters. Each tacles a mini-theme of its own, and I hope it will make you curious to read more + share your own opinions about the theme.

The first lines of each chapter: Poem, Prologue, Chapter I, Chapter II, Chapter III, Chapter IV, Chapter V, Chapter VI, Chapter VII, Chapter VIII, Chapter IX, Chapter X, Chapter XI, Chapter XII, Chapter XIII, Chapter XIV, Chapter XV, Chapter XVI, Chapter XVII, Chapter XVIII, Chapter XIX, Chapter XX, Chapter XXI, Chapter XXII, Chapter XXIII, Chapter XXIV, Chapter XXV, Chapter XXVI, Chapter XXVII, Chapter XXVIII, Chapter XXIX, Chapter XXX, Chapter XXXII, Chapter XXXIII.

Interested in reading more? Contact me for a free reading sample! I am always interested in feedback! 🙂



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