My attempt at drawing and writing for a young audience

Of course almost all writers start their career in kindergarden or school. I must have writen dozens of cute short stories, all accompanied by childish drawings. My first ever, „sort of published” children’s book was in 11th Grade, called HERMAN AND THE LITLLEBIG SQUIRREL. My life-time friend Carmen, helped me with the drawings, and we launched it at school. This is a project I sent to publishers in 2018, so I cannot put photos of the older version – just that you know what it’s about: little Herman lives with his big family in the forest, and always has stuff to complain about; the magical Littlebig Squirrel takes him on adventures where he learns to accept the rules of his parents and be a better boy.


The second project, is a real Cartoon, for which I hope to find a cartoonist for – I am not even as good as Picasso, you see…

Sometimes, during lectures, even a medical student can get bored. Unthinkable, huh?

I only drew Ted&Ned in class (back in the day). The original drawings have been misplaced.

Here is another go at it! I bet I can still get into the state I was during those long internal medicine courses, so I can recapture the essence of Ted and Ned!


(also on 9gag!)


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

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