Writer’s CV

About me I am 27, married, have two cats, work and live in Germany. I was born in Romania, started talking English when I was 3, so I always thought I would end up in the UK. It was love that brought me to Cologne.

I am a doctor and a writer. My saying is: medicine is my passion but writing is my life.

Fan of Midsomer Murders? Naturally. Harry Potter? Always.
New Year’s Resolution 2017 To start living my dream of becoming a writer.

Nothing falls out of the sky and now that my job finally provides me the financial means to follow my passion, I have taken an active role in promoting ME as a writer and in publishing my work.

My writing That defining moment in my life, when I realized I was a writer, was in the 8th grade when I had to come up with a story for school. It came so natural I knew it had been a part of me all along and that I had to nourish it.

Why I write? Because it is an amazing occasion to live other lives apart from my own and I want to share those experiences with others, the readers.

My writing focus: NOVELS (primarily) and SCREENPLAYS.

Genres: Drama, Detective, Fantasy + I love Comedy and I automatically incorporate it in all of my writing.


What I have written:

§  SPLIT – The broken clocks, the 1st volume of a modern Detective series set in London, in English. 2nd volume is in the works.

§  the screenplays for the 1st season of SPLIT, TV-Drama (volume 1 and 2 of the series)

§  6 out of 16 planed novels for a ‘’late middle ages’’ Fantasy series, in Romanian. The first volume has been published June 26th 2018, and work will start to translate it profesionally in English. Book 2 should be published till November 2018 (www.my-vvp.com).

§  I have also written short stories, poems, a children’s book (in school, won some awards) and short screenplays for various competitions (results still pending). It is something I will keep doing in the future.

§  As a medical student I wrote medical articles and answered people’s medical questions for free on www.contraboli.ro

§  As a medical resident, I have my own medical Blog in Romanian, www.drlaurastirbu.com, where I talk about diverse Themes and answer patient’s questions.

Online presence


Facebook&Instagram: laurasgotzthis

Twitter: @laurasgotzthis

Website: www.laurasgotzthis.com

Youtube: laurasgotzthis

Official Training Introduction to Screenwriting – Online Course at Futurelearn.com (May 2017)

Pitching Workshop ‘’Jaws in space’’ with Charles Harris (November 2017)

Scriptreading workshop with L.V. Hay (February 2018)

London Screenwriter’s Festival, 9th Edition (September 2018)

Future Projects §  The Pilot for SPLIT has been send to various Screenwriting competitions in 2017/2018 (positive feedback). Working on re-writes after the Script-Surgery.

§  With the help of Shootingpeople.org I am trying to get writing job-offers.

§  I have written down multiple ideas for future film screenplays and for the second season of SPLIT.


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