Writer’s CV

About me I am 27, married, have two cats, work and live in Germany. I was born in Romania, started talking English when I was 3, so I always thought I would end up in the UK. It was love that brought me to Cologne.

I am a doctor and a writer. My saying is: medicine is my passion but writing is my life.

Fan of Midsomer Murders? Naturally. Harry Potter? Always.
New Year’s Resolution 2017 To start living my dream of becoming a writer.

Nothing falls out of the sky and now that my job finally provides me the financial means to follow my passion, I have taken an active role in promoting ME as a writer and in publishing my work.

My writing That defining moment in my life, when I realized I was a writer, was in the 8th grade when I had to come up with a story for school. It came so natural I knew it had been a part of me all along and that I had to nourish it.

Why I write? Because it is an amazing occasion to live other lives apart from my own and I want to share those experiences with others, the readers.

My writing focus: NOVELS (primarily) and SCREENPLAYS.

Genres: Drama, Detective, Fantasy + I love Comedy and I automatically incorporate it in all of my writing.


What I have written:

§  SPLIT – The broken clocks, the 1st volume of a modern Detective series set in London, in English. 2nd volume is in the works.

§  the screenplays for the 1st season of SPLIT, TV-Drama (volume 1 and 2 of the series)

§  3 out of 8 planed novels for a ‘’late middle ages’’ Fantasy series, in Romanian. Working to get them published in my birth country and then – the world.

§  I have also written short stories, poems, a children’s book (in school, won some awards) and short screenplays for various competitions (results still pending). It is something I will keep doing in the future.

§  As a medical student I wrote medical articles and answered people’s medical questions for free on www.contraboli.ro

§  As a medical resident, I have my own medical Blog in Romanian, www.drlaurastirbu.com, where I talk about diverse Themes and answer patient’s questions.

Online presence


Facebook&Instagram: laurasgotzthis

Twitter: @laurasgotzthis

Website: www.laurasgotzthis.com

Youtube: laurasgotzthis

Official Training Introduction to Screenwriting – Online Course at Futurelearn.com (May 2017)

Pitching Workshop ‘’Jaws in space’’ with Charles Harris (November 2017)

Scriptreading workshop with L.V. Hay (February 2018)

Future Projects §  The Pilot for SPLIT has been send to various Screenwriting competitions in 2017/2018 (positive feedback)

§  With the help of Shootingpeople.org I am trying to get writing job-offers.

§  I have written down multiple ideas for future film screenplays and for the second season of SPLIT.


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