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The Writer, an origin story —

My 8th grade teacher asked us to write a 5-page story. So the nerdy me started writing. I never planed it, but a dystopian world just appeared into my head. In a second. I was transported to it and met the main character, discovered the plot and, of course, faced the villain. It was like magic.

No secret there – I’m a Potter fan.

This dystopian world was no Hogwarts. It happened in space, on a ship with no magic. I stopped with those 5 pages, but the story remained in my mind, a project for the future. Sometimes you need to give yourself time; you need to get yourself ready to write SOMEBODY ELSE’S STORY.

A new idea caught my imagination. 8th grade, before Christmas – I start writing, on a small notebook, my ”late middle ages” Fantasy Series. 3 volumes out of 8 planed are finished and I am looking to get them published (my-vvp.com). They are in my native language, Romanian, and I will get them translated as soon as I get a solid Romanian Fanbase.

Just novels? —

I wrote short stories, poems and a children’s book for school-projects and competitions as a teenager in Romanian, English and French. Won some. Awesome.

After highschool? Medical school. My brain was busy reading millions of pages in preparing for my exams so creativity kind of decreased. I did find the time and energy however to write on somebody else’s blog: medical articles and answering people’s medical questions (for free).

English? —

Yes, please. The funny me is the English me. It’s the Screenplay me.

New Year’s Eve 2016/2017 I promised myself to get off my ass. I will never become a published writer if I sit on the couch all day, right!? So I started writing my first Screenplay – TV-Drama. Wrote the whole season (10 episodes, 1h Drama)! I loved the story so much that I even wrote the first 5 episodes in novel form (1st Volume of a planned 4-Book series).

I am currently working on a fancy cover letter and a writer’s CV so I can send my first English  novel to publishers in the UK/US.

All this while working full-time as a jolly medical resident.

Medicine is my passion but writing is my life.


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The Doctor in me

We have no other doctors in the family. I’m the first. My parents wanted me to be the first and I kind of liked the idea of being a doctor.

I started preparing for medical school when I was in the 8th grade, about the time when I discovered my passion for writing. I learned Bio and Chemistry, even got some awards at competitions involving these subjects.

Before applying to medical school I had a mid-teenlife-crisis. I suddenly wanted to study something that had to do with writing, as it felt more personal to me.

My parents did not find that funny. So I got into Med-School. I continued creative writing and started writing medical articles and answering people’s medical questions on somebody else’s blog (for free). I loved university and I focused on my favorite speciality, Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

I knew I was going to be a Gynaecologist since the 12th Grade. I saw my first birth in my 2nd year at university. Wow, was that… awesome!? It’s a miracle every time I attend a delivery and I do sometimes cry (try to hide it) when I see all the love and the joy in the delivery room after the baby lets out it’s first HELLO to the world.

Psychology also fascinates me and I have training in Psychosomatic and will start a course to get certified as a Psychotherapist after I finish my residency.

So what now?

I write my books while working full-time, at this point my day job financing my hobby. I hope to earn enough money through creative writing (down the line) so I can reduce to part-time in order to be able to write some more.

I also blog/vlog in Romanian about women’s health topics, as it is my mission as a doctor to carry for the health of my patients:) Blog + Youtube-Channel: Dr. Laura Stirbu.


The Feminist

I dream of a better world, a world where the word FEMINISM wouldn’t need to exist because we would all be given equal chances.

I live in the real world, a world where the word FEMINISM is not just a word, it’s a MOVEMENT.

I was a feminist before I knew that feminism existed, because I belive that PEOPLE ARE EQUALS. Period. How in the world could anyone think otherwise?

But then again, there are weird stuff happening all around us, all that defy basic human logic. Like, what is a KHARDASHIAN anyway? New star at the Zoo?

My articles here.


The Actor/Entertainer – the serious goof-ball

”I loved acting in school.”

-every actor ever


I do improv,

I do stand up,

I do plays,

I vlog,

and hope

that someday I will get the opportunity to act professionally 😀


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Head-Shots, Showreel: On demand.

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  • Training in Screenacting: Crash Course with the International School of Screenacting London (August 2017).
  • Training in Improv: TLS Frankfurth and Clamotta Köln (Germany).



Play in a Day Festival, Jan. 2018, TLS Frankfurt-Germany


SO, this is me!

If you wanna chat more, contact me when you are in Germany 🙂

Would love to hear your thoughts on my book (I know there is not much to read about it on the site, but what do you think of the Intros? Interesting enough to make you want to find out more? 😀 )

Have a wonderful day!