What I love most about Gynecology and Obstetrics is that most of my patients are young and relatively healthy women.

Real Emergencies are rare and sometimes tricky to diagnose because the patient is still apparently ”fine” at the point of the examination. So the stress level of my work is MODERATE.

I and my patients would describe most of the symptoms in gynecology as ”annoying”, as they interfere more with the quality of life than pose a real threat to their health.

Gynecology is to its core a surgical medical specialty, and even though I love to operate, at the time it comes second to my true love, Obstetrics – babies and how to grow them in your belly!



Articles on Gynecology:

The Gynecologist – a modern Indiana Jones.

The 5 Types of patients.

”Old lady” problems.

Respect yourself and use a condom!

Ladies, get that PAP-SMEARed!

The Female Breast – a fascination to all.


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