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Check out my creative writing, my views on feminism and how I combine writing and medicine on a day-to-day basis!

I am also:

  • a script reader (send me the first 10 pages of your script for a free report)
  • available to give feedback on any writing piece involving MEDICINE and FEMINISM
  • available to write guest posts on your website if you believe me to be an asset



I can’t sing, but I love to talk.

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The Feminist

I dream of a better world…

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Would like to know your POV too!

Doctor’s life

I bring babies into this world…

Gynaecology and Obstetrics are 2 different things.

What I did not know about when starting as a young resident, was that it had a lot of PSYCHIATRY in it too!

Oh, the stories I have to tell…

We’re all PSYCHO

We are all made out of flesh&blood and MAGIC.

I call our psyche ”magic”, because that is what it is. We can relate to one another as humans, think and feel not just because of weird substances in our brain, but because there is something god-like about us. In us – our souls.

Exploring this god-like feature interests me greatly, and I have an endless number of test-subjects: my patients.