The doctor

We have no other doctors in the family. I’m the first. My parents wanted me to be the first and I kind of liked the idea of being a doctor.

I started preparing for medical school when I was in the 8th grade, about the time when I discovered my passion for writing. I learned Bio and Chemistry, even got some awards at competitions involving these subjects.

Before applying to medical school I had a mid-teenlife-crisis. I suddenly wanted to study something that had to do with writing, as it felt more personal to me.

My parents did not find that funny. So I got into Med-School. I continued creative writing and started writing medical articles and answering people’s medical questions on somebody else’s blog (for free). I loved university and I focused on my favorite speciality, Obstetrics and Gynecology.

I knew I was going to be a Gynecologist since the 12th Grade. I saw my first birth in my 2nd year at university. Wow, was that… awesome!? It’s a miracle every time I attend a delivery and I do sometimes cry (try to hide it) when I see all the love and the joy in the delivery room after the baby lets out it’s first HELLO to the world.

So what now?

I write my books while working full-time, at this point my day job financing my hobby. I hope to earn enough money through creative writing (down the line) so I can reduce to part-time in order to be able to write some more.

I also blog/vlog in Romanian about women’s health topics, as it is my mission as a doctor to carry for the health of my patients:) Blog + Youtube-Channel: Dr. Laura Stirbu.



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